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What to do with your surplus crops:

by chuck.mcmullan

Many gardeners often grow more fruits and vegetables than any one person or family could eat. They give extra to friends, family, and neighbors. In today’s tough economic times, you should also consider donating your surplus to a local food bank or soup kitchen. Many food banks will only accept non-perishable foods. Below are some resources we found to assist in finding food banks willing to accept green goods in your area.

AmpleHarvest.org allows you to search by zip code or address, and allows you to search within a specified radius. If AmpleHarvest.org does not list a pantry near you there are several other ways to donate. Contact local churches in your area. FeedingAmerica.org allows you to locate food banks, which may accept fresh vegetables. Lastly, a United Way service, 2-1-1 may help you locate service organizations in your area, just pick up the phone and dial 211 and ask the operator about food banks or pantries.

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